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On URAMAKI's dashboard users will be able to track different protocol related statistics.
This statistics updates constantly to reflect the current protocol status!
  • Market Cap is calculated by multiplying $MAKI price and total supply, this is one of the indice for determining the value of $MAKI. However, as the supply is not the same as the amount in circulation, a comparison with the TVL is necessary.
  • APY tells you the annualized rate of return based on the reward yield. It takes into account the effect of compounding since sMAKI rebases exponentially.
  • Backing per MAKI is derived by dividing Kitchen Balance / $MAKI supply. It refers to the intrinsic value of 1 $MAKI backed by the kitchen ingredients. In calculating this figure, the value of $MAKI in MAKI LPs in the kitchen is not reflected.
  • Current Index allows you to track your gain from staking. The index started from 1 at epoch 0, and increases every epoch. If you staked at genesis (epoch 0) and never unstaked any $MAKI, your balance today would be X times greater, where X is the current index. You can use the index to track your position by marking down the index number when you stake and unstake. You divide the index number when you unstake by the index number when you stake to get the ratio by which your sMAKI balance has increased.
  • Total Value Locked(TVL) measures the dollar amount of all the staked $MAKI in URAMAKI.
  • Kitchen Balance measures the dollar amount of all the ingredients held by the kitchen.
  • MAKI price is market price of 1 MAKI token
  • % of staked supply determines the percentage of MAKI tokens staked out of the total supply
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