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Connecting to Arbitrum

Add the Arbitrum One Network to MetaMask

Arbitrum is an EVM-compatible chain, meaning it can easily work with MetaMask, as well as most browser-based wallets. Click on the network drop-down menu, and select "Add Network" from the bottom. Add in the following details:
Chain ID: 42161
Symbol: ETH

Bridging to/from Arbitrum

We currently recommend Stargate Finance due to its deep liquidity reserves and user interface. However, Celer Bridge and Synapse Protocol are excellent options as well.

Acquiring ETH

Because Arbitrum was designed as a Layer 2 to exist on top of the Ethereum Network (and uses ETH for its on-chain native token), almost all of the well-established DEXes support trading over Arbitrum. Some commonly-used options include:
Sending ETH directly to your Arbitrum wallet is another option provided by some CEX exchanges, such as KuCoin.