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sMAKI Staking (🧠,🧠)

User can put to work sMAKI that they obtained in exchange for staking $MAKI. Every eight hours, sMAKI gives the users rebase incentives while stored in their personal wallets to obtain $MAKI rewards. What if the user could also utilize sMAKI to get additional rewards? Rewards from sMAKI staking are distributed in the form of the most valuable ingredients available across DeFi. To get these additional rewards user has to stake sMAKI in Uramaki DApp and allow them mature for 7 days. This means that in order to receive rewards, sMAKI must have been staked for at least 7 days. User can withdraw sMAKI at any moment - they won't lock in the staking, but by doing so, the user forfeits the upcoming reward. Users will receive these additional rewards, which are distributed on a weekly basis, once sMAKI staked in the pool are matured. In this manner, users can concurrently benefit from $MAKI Staking (🍣,🍣), as well as sMAKI Staking (🧠,🧠), which rewards them with $MAKI and the best ingredients available across DeFi (ETH, GMX, Jones, etc.).