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There are no team tokens, and 100% funds raised during the presale goes to LP.

Public Sale - 15,250 $MAKI

The public sale will distribute 15,250 $MAKI at a price of $4 per $MAKI. Only users on the whitelist will have access to the public sale at first, any unsold tokens will be sold on FCFS basis.
Max contribution per user is $244 (61 $MAKI). Funds raised in the public sale: $61,000. The public sale tokens can be redeemed at launch. There is no vesting period.

Private Sale - 12,500 $MAKI

12,500 $MAKI will be distributed in the private sale at the price of $3.20 per 1 $MAKI.
Max contribution per user is $1000 (312.5 $MAKI). Funds raised in the private sale: $40,000. Private sale tokens are vested; 50% will be made available for claim at launch and 12.5% will be made available each week.

Liquidity - 25,250 $MAKI

25,250 $MAKI tokens will be added to LP along with the $101,000 raised during the private and public sales.

Airdrop - 1,000 $MAKI

The MAKI airdrop contract will use $1,000 $MAKI, which will be made available for claims.
Initial supply: 54,000 $MAKI
Max supply: 10,000,000 $MAKI When the $MAKI supply reaches 10 million, the token will become deflationary.
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